Is Fear of Humiliation Limiting Your Achievements??

I'm feeling intense anxiety. I'm working so hard, I'm exhausted, but I'm still struggling financially. I'm not achieving what I really want. I have lost my passion. I can't lose this weight no matter how hard I try. I'm doing this preparing for something bigger. I'm accepting no money for my talents, but it's ok because .... These are some of the stories that I hear with clients that I coach. These talented, beautiful, dynamic leaders are accepting less than they want or are capable of achieving. As we dig into the subconscious, energetic and emotional patterns I am realizing HUMILIATION is at the root of many life challenges; however we may not be aware how much it affects our behaviors and results.

Imagine that you are feeling happy, confident, sexy, successful, you trust and feel loved by your friends. Then in an instant something changes. You do something that you are JUDGED wrong for. It doesn't matter whether it was true, whether you knew you did it, or even if it was really bad, only thing that matters is that now you have done something that you are being judged for. Often the accusers like to tell everyone how terrible you are, they shame us with disrespectful labels like whore, crazy, bitch gathering sympathy for what a victim they are even if they are actually the ones at fault.

It's so hurtful, heartbreaking and can feel very lonely not knowing who you can trust anymore. So you live with the shame, humiliation, sink into your quiet hell hole separating yourself from others, wishing that it will resolve. You could fight back, but what's the use, they don't believe you anyway. Friendships end, life moves on and now years later you find a similar feeling surfacing in a completely different circumstance.

Rather than owning your confidence, pursuing the thing you want more than anything, your ego saves you from being humiliated and outcast again. Even if you don't realize it logically, subconsciously the fear makes you play it safe on some level. You don't speak your truth, stand up for what you believe in or deviate too much from society's norm. You stay smaller, just fit in, or gain weight so you are not too beautiful, too sexy or someone that people will feel threatened by or attracted to. Even my pro-athlete clients coward over in public, hiding beneath their hoodies so people won't pick fights with them in bars because they are muscular giants and don't want to hurt people.

There is a lovely root to the word humiliation - from the latin word humus, meaning soil or ground. When we are humiliated, we are in effect returning to the ground of our being.
— David Whyte

So how do you move forward? I think acknowledging that you are holding yourself back because you are worried about people humiliating you is an important step. Yet it's not that easy. Most patterns related to this just seem like it is other external factors that are causing your poor results. You are trying hard, but it's just not happening. Since like attracts like there is something you are radiating out energetically and emotionally that is magnetizing these results back to you. Peeling back the layers of life experiences to get to this hidden emotion is important. It may take a little time asking yourself why questions, being really honest with yourself, considering all your fears. It may be difficult seeing your own stories and limitations because you have developed them over time as a safety mechanism to protect yourself. Unfortunately you may believe it so much that you will stay stuck at this level robbing yourself of the things you really desire.

Imagine stepping into your power, your confidence, your radiance. What if you had the courage to say "This is Who I AM!!" "This is what I believe." What if you could find the strength to laugh at the fears holding you back? To ask yourself "Why do I let the ignorance of others, rob me of my gifts?" I have a unique ability and perspective to share with the world. I choose today to Be Me!! :)



Jeanne Barnes Founder of Love Powerfully inspires leaders worldwide to connect to their power & move beyond their limitations to achieve greater success in their lives. Her Intuitive Power Healing and Coaching helps you discover what subconscious programs may be hidden inside you from past experiences that may be causing pain, disease & other challenges in your life now. Celebrities, Pro-Athletes, CEO's, Entrepreneurs and children have trusted Jeanne since 2002 to guide them with personal development; fine tuning their mind/body/energy for conscious transformation. She has appeared on television, radio and has done long distance healing for people in 17 countries.


Artwork: Fourar Amira