Love Powerfully

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Love Powerfully began when I started writing a book to help my clients with healing. My writing coach asked a series of questions that led me to realizing that although I thought I had been helping people with healing of chronic pain, disease & overcoming life challenges, the one thing they all asked me about was LOVE. Even a woman going through chemo with weeks to live wanted to talk to me about her boyfriend and what she should do. When I asked why, they shared that I was someone that they trusted, that they could tell their deepest secrets, frustrations & heartaches to and not feel judged.

I never felt like an expert in love, in fact it was the one area I felt most challenged by. My family had modeled long term marriage to me, so I felt like a failure when my relationships didn't last. I have come to realize that my path is different. Love Powerfully shares some inspiration and wisdom that I have learned on my conscious journey to loving myself & others in a powerful way. I hope that it is a support to you as well. Much love to you, Jeanne <3