The Subconscious & Unconscious mind is so powerful in creating broken records inside your body that can hold you back in life. When you repeat patterns, attract the same results, have fears or strong emotions about things it is probably your subconscious mind triggering a response.What if you didn't have to repeat the heartache, your failures, your fears & could move forward in creating the life you really want? Since the subconscious runs 90% of your body, even if you have positive thoughts they can be overridden if you have a negative memory, belief or emotion triggering an opposite response internally.

Practice: The best way to check if you have an opposite program running inside you is to compare what you want to have in life to the reflection of what you are actually achieving in your life now. If they don't match then something may be holding you back inside your subconscious mind.Simple childhood beliefs like "I can't, I don't know how, I don't deserve it, I'm not good enough, wanting to be liked, needing permission, fear of rejection, punishment and loneliness are some of the original core issues programed inside. Logically you may think you have outgrown these, but many adult challenges link into these programs that were developed before you were 7 years old, then repeat through life if not updated. Add to that negative life experiences, divorce, trauma, abuse, injuries & illness that can trigger fear inside you, holding you back from love, success & achieving what you want in life.

By exploring where your body goes weak or is affected by your thoughts we can make huge changes in your life. It is very simple with intuitive energetic healing. We go to the core issue, explore the problem, listen to what your body reveals intuitively, understand the wisdom & replace it with positive feelings. Often there is an immediate change in the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual body. You feel more relaxed, energized & focused with greater clarity & connection to yourself. I have been helping people successfully resolve their pain, problems & fears like this for over 13 years. Contact Jeanne Marie Barnes if you would like help clearing your subconscious blocks so you can have greater happiness in your life too.