Feeling intense anxiety, mind chatter, depression & weird challenges with energy shifts; get help grounding.

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Have you been feeling intense anxiety, mind chatter, deep depression & dealing with weird challenges with people lately?? The past 2 weeks the energy got more extreme & people have been calling asking me for help to get more grounded. There was a transformational energy that sensitive empathic people could feel prior to the Leo New Moon last Sat. It seems to be easing up, but you may be finding it difficult to get centered. I wanted to share some suggestions to help you & let you know you are not alone.

Many people worldwide are being pressured now with stress, money concerns, politics, war, pain, pneumonia, arguments with people & more. It's like a pressure cooker forcing people to deal with issues in their life.

What has been helpful for me & what I am sharing with my clients is that it is important now to find yourself in the chaos. If you have gotten caught up in the drama, take a little time to yourself. Breathe, wiggle your toes, walk very slowly until you can feel your feet engage with the ground, walk barefoot in grass or mud if you need more sensation.

Meditation may be difficult now with all the chatter, but it is a good time to practice. Listen to music, stand in the shower, drink some tea, be in nature, whatever you can do to find a little bit of you beneath the craziness.

When you do, see if you can separate yourself from the crazy. What is your truth? Your part in what's happening? What's important for you to learn in this situation? What is illusion, reality? What story are you telling yourself? Can you change perspectives? How can you minimize the drama? Rather than repeating your normal behavior patterns, try to consider another way.

During this time I think it's very important that we reach out to our friends & loved ones to gain different perspectives & support from each other. It can feel very lonely, like you are going crazy, some people are committing suicide or silently retreating trying to manage on their own; feeling immense depression or shame inside. What may feel insurmountable to you, is very simple for others to see because they have different perspectives, wisdom & are not caught up in your subconscious triggers & emotions. Together we can find the way through.

Your nervous system, emotions & body may be amped up too, so getting energy balancing, healing, chiropractic or acupuncture can help calm you down more & help get your mind/body functioning properly.

If you have any questions or need some extra help let me know. Much love to you, Jeanne Barnes <3


Image: Deliberation by Mario Sanchez Nevado