90% of our pain is due to trapped emotions

“90% of all our pain is due to trapped emotions. Those energies stay with us & disrupt our lives & cause our diseases & self sabotage.” ~E-motion Gaia.com. Yes I agree.

It’s like a combination lock when I help people to discover what the cause of their challenges are. They may have had a car accident, an injury, parents divorce & fears all at different ages. Logically they think they have gotten over it, but internally their body still holds the emotional patterns which can cause them to behave in self sabotaging ways when triggered or pain & disease when suppressed. Finding the code which will unlock the block internally is the key. You may know what the trauma was, dealt with it for years, but you may be surprised by what your body intuitively shares that is really the cause.

Who are you beneath all the traumatic life experiences, heartache, injuries, fears & beliefs? What is possible for you to achieve when you are no longer limited by these subconscious programs? This is what I have been helping leaders consciously explore over the past 14 years.