Exploring Beyond Logical Mind to Conscious Wisdom

It's so fun observing brilliant people begin to wake up to their conscious internal wisdom. They have the logical book smarts but there are no words to truly describe the energetic connection & wisdom that is flowing thru them. I can often feel & intuitively see simultaneous visions with what they are experiencing, so I understand & guide them to share their insights.

Imagine being in awe & experiencing the most extraordinary visions, knowing, colors, high vibrational feelings of love & peace streaming thru you. Things you thought logically are now being revealed in new ways. There is deeper clarity, knowing, connection to your truth & soul. You are laying on a table, but feel like you are flying thru space. You may feel 10 feet tall like an Avatar. The consciousness is streaming forth so quickly, it makes complete sense internally, but to express it in words minimizes it. It's something that must be experienced personally; wisdom of your soul guiding you on your journey, beyond logic to truth. Then these brilliant leaders go forth into the world being more powerful in conscious connection with their body, mind & soul. It's amazing!!