I wish every man would treat me this special

I wish every man would treat me as special as this 8 year old little boy did today. Running to me with a huge smile he jumps into my arms hugging me with all his love. He grabs my hand holding it as he leads me thru the restaurant. "You will need a tray & plate," he describes picking up each one & handing them to me. Then he shows me all the salad options I have to choose from, sharing his special favorites for me to try. "Wait here," he directs wanting to tell the cashier that he has already paid for my meal. He leads me to my seat, then to the soup area. "I will make you a delicious soup," he says ladling the chicken noodle & topping with his special ingredients like a gourmet chef. "You must try this," placing more on my plate & "later we will make our desserts together." Lastly he takes me to the fountain asking me to choose my favorite drink then creates a special mixture made just for me. I stood in awe at all the love he was giving me. Thank you Logan for being such a precious gift in my life. I love you <3