Love & Knives: Healing the darkness inside

Love & Knives: Being in love can evoke deep, primal emotions within us. I'm fascinated about the energetics that come into play. A normal, happy woman or man can be calm, rational, beautiful; then turn into a raging crazy person when the chemistry gets stirred. 

Now most of us are conscious enough to know that relationships tend to mirror the issues that we need to develop. I face the challenges within me to move towards unconditional love for myself & others, perhaps staying too long sometimes. 

What I hear a lot in my coaching sessions is how women tend to get wrapped up in the men; revolving their life around him & losing their self in the process. At a core primal DNA level women want to please & connect. Even if you are a successful woman who doesn't need a man to provide for you, at the primal level your chemistry can get triggered. 

I was amazed to observe this transformation within myself in a relationship. When we met I was a successful, balanced woman, content within myself. I didn't see he was handsome, only observed his joy in life. We had a beautiful romance; fulfilling me deeply & bringing out great joy. As difficulties arose I became triggered; feeling he always wanted to leave, rather than resolve. His love was strong & he thought it was best to leave the conflict rather than me. Years pass with similar behavior surfacing constantly. The roller coaster ride of emotions had left me at the point of surrender; knowing I need to love myself & release the chaos for my own sanity. 

At the peak of intensity I became aware of the lesson I want to share with you today. I was pushing for resolution, distraught at the constant in and out. I felt massively passionate, open hearted, grounded yet pleading. He said "It feels like you are stabbing me with knives," pulling himself further away from me. Wow!! The "Glasses Concept" exemplified. 

Love amplifies & brings up the darkness within us. Strong, open hearted love felt passionate to me & like knives to him. I observed the progression of wanting nothing from him when we met, to pleading for everything when we left. Chemistry, bonding, triggers, primal DNA all come into play in relationship. What is love to you, can feel like knives to another; when it's power stirs the energy of transformation, bringing shadows to the surface to heal. I surrendered; pulling my energy back towards loving myself & finding balance in letting go of the other to his path.