I keep going back to Jeanne because I’m learning so much from our times together.  I want to continue to grow and evolve with the knowledge and insight that I gain from our meetings.  I feel healthier, happier, more creative, open and honest after meeting with her.

Power Session

This session is all about you. I will help you explore some areas that may be challenging you now, so you can be free to “Be” your most incredible self.

I know how frustrating it can be to want something so much and feel it's just not happening. Often our thoughts, emotions and experiences can limit what we can achieve, keeping us stuck in the broken records of the past. We think we know where these challenges started, but frequently the cause is different than what we expect. Files of our life experiences get stored inside our subconscious mind, running 90% of our body without our logical awareness.

  • Do you experience fear or hold yourself back for no apparent reason?
  • Do you have pain, illness or stress that is challenging you?
  • Do you repeat similar challenges in Relationship, Career, Money or Health?
  • Do you dream of something better, but can’t seem to achieve it?

There is probably a program playing in your subconscious mind affecting your results. Our session will help you explore these blocks so you can move forward in a more powerful way.


I use a scientifically proven, light touch chiropractic technique called B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) to balance your nervous system for optimal health, along with other methods specific to your needs. I combine this with my specialized, intuitive healing abilities that are like x-ray vision; allowing me to see deep into people’s energy field, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. I will listen to discover the hidden information that is programmed inside of you and share insights revealed to help you progress if you would like to hear them. Together we will work to release these blocks through energetic healing, bodywork, coaching and awareness. I have long distance energy healing abilities and have helped people in 17 countries, so I can help you in person for specific locations or over phone/skype while you relax in your home. 

When asked what I do most people say "You just have to experience it!” when they are referring their friends to me.


Jeanne Marie Barnes Intuitive Healing Power Coach, has helped many celebrities, pro-athletes, leaders and children connect to their personal power, move beyond their limitations to achieve greater success in their lives for the past 24 years. She is able to listen intuitively to your body to discover what is hidden inside from past experiences that may be causing challenges in your life now.

Her combination of energetic healing and coaching helps balance your body and support personal transformation. Jeanne worked 4 years in a World Class Holistic Center and 11 years in private practice helping clients overcome pain, disease and other emotional life challenges when doctors had given them weeks to live. She has appeared on television, radio and has done long distance healing for people in 17 countries. She inspires through social media, personal development programs, inspirational speaking and writing. She also utilizes her 18 years experience as a successful Corporate Executive, Business Owner and Consultant; where she developed over $200 Million in sales.


I help leaders worldwide to be their best. I will help you fine tune your mind, energy and body to achieve higher levels of perfection. We will explore where you feel blocked emotionally, energetically, physically and help you move forward beyond these limitations. Discover insights, clarity, increased focus. Feel more peaceful, calm, centered, rejuvenated. Release stress, fears and pain as your body becomes more balanced. Increase your vitality and joy while releasing old beliefs and experiences that no longer support you.


Long Distance Intuitive Energy Healing & Power Coaching available on Phone and Skype worldwide or

In Person (select locations) 



1 hour $120 (special promotional pricing)

1.5 hour $180 (suggested for New Clients for longer healing time)

3 hour intensive $360 (great for going into depth with challenges, transformation and spiritual meditative journeys.)

Special Packages & Gift Cards available

Occasionally our appointment will run longer depending on your personal needs. Please leave extra time after session to integrate and rest before scheduling other activities.



I’m looking forward to being with you. To prepare yourself please take some time to think about the questions below, exploring deeper into yourself what you would love to experience in life and our session.

My suggestion is to take some time for yourself to visit your favorite places in person or in your mind, relax, turn off your phone, breathe deeply, sip some tea, meditate and journal your answers. Have fun doing what you love to ignite your power.

Please send me a text or email with the answer to the highlighted question below prior to our session together. The preparation questions are designed to help you get in touch with what matters most to you. Each day we evolve, so it’s great to ask yourself these simple questions to check in to what you are wanting. I only need the answer to your Power Statement below. If you would like to share any additional answers with me please email them to me. I keep all information confidential that is shared between us.

Journal Questions:

1.If I could do anything today, what would it be?

2. What do I love to do?

3. Who are my favorite friends? Why? Who do I enjoy being around?

4. What do I feel when I am with her/him?

5. What brings this out of me?

6. What made me cry in happy way and sad way? List each.

7. If I died yesterday, I wish I would have done ________ in my life. Why?

8. Does that really matter to me? Why?

9. Should I focus on doing this? Why?

10. What’s missing from my life?

11. Where am I blocked?

Power Statement:

The area I want to work on is ____________ because I feel blocked in _______________________. I choose to have more ___________________ in my life now.


Jeanne digs deep to find and unlock those hidden blocks, pushing you closer to reaching your fullest potential. I have marveled at her techniques, sometimes unorthodox, but highly effective. Her straightforward, yet compassionate approach definitely yields results. She is a joy to know and working with her has contributed to my success. ~Rebecca

Today was a great day; I can’t remember feeling this good. THANKS, ~Dawn

Jeanne’s mind and work has helped expand me physically, emotionally and creatively. She is a master teacher. ~Dan

Our session today was extremely enlightening, healing and uplifting all the things I prayed for before your arrival.  You are such a gift. It is like one of your other clients said I have accomplished more with you in two sessions than I have in 20 plus years of counseling.  I am extremely grateful to be working with you, for your wisdom, kindness and passion.-Connie

Jeanne was amazing, everything she said about me was spot on, and Jeanne was able to help me with things that were going on in my body right away. ~Nathan

You are an angel to me.  It’s as though you came into my life to help me in ways that no one else ever has. I prayed for help. You delight in me and let me appreciate and value myself.  You make me happy. ~Wanda

Jeanne is a miracle worker. Her intuition and skills enable her to do magic. There's science behind what she does. I know. But it easier to believe and explain to others that she a wizard with special powers. Because when I try to explain to friends that I think could benefit from a session with Jeanne that eliminates old bad habits by touch. They just laugh. Which to me says they like to complain about problems that they could change. So if you want to stop whining go see Jeanne. In all seriousness this is extremely important work she does and I am eternally grateful for her help. I was stuck and now I am moving. Fast! Peace and love to all, Sam

You help me to stay positive, laugh at everyday things and focus on making life as I want it to be. ~Maria

Thank you for saving my life.  I love you. I’m grateful to you.  God Bless. ~Jesus

You brought me back to me. ~Adam

Jeanne Marie Barnes is an incredible intuitive empathic healer. Jeanne is committed to your full realization. Her insights and provoking challenges create breakthrough awareness and healing that 5 - 10 years of psychotherapy only begin to prepare you for. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Jeanne will be richly rewarded. ~Neal

Jeanne reawakens the me that I'm striving to be.  She is my energy chiropractor, she realigns the spiritual and emotional aspects of my being that have been jostled through experience, time, and just general living.  I visit Jeanne because I know that when I leave our meeting I will have attained more clarity, perspective, and insight into what it is that is causing my spiritual misalignment.  Often, it is easy to lose sight of one's goals and initial intentions and Jeanne helps by somehow decoding the language, hesitation, inhibitors, and self-doubt that creep into the picture and helps you see your vision in its most basic form.  She helps to clear the clutter of the mind and outside voices so that you can hear your own sincere intentions. ~Jeanine


Can I bottle up everything you think, say and do?   I want to drink it up because I’m very thirsty. You take the lid off and I see the light.  Thank you for being in my life. I love you. ~Amy

The way that you have helped me the most is by helping me to reconnect with and better understand myself so that I can solve my own problems. Much love and gratitude ~ Jessica

I just want to let you know that I have no hip pain and some of the other aches and pains I had been feeling this morning. Looking forward to more healing and clarity! Thanks ever so much. Sherrill

I definitely have found that your treatments have unlocked old patterns in me, which I couldn't release through therapy alone.  You are right, talking about it is helpful, but doesn't get to the core issues, which are buried, in our subconscious. I think that your strengths are your compassion, healing hands, non-judgmental nature, and your genuine interest in your patients Love, ~Teresa


Jeanne has helped me in more ways in just 2 sessions then what many counselors have tried to help me deal with for years. The moment you meet her you feel the amazing energy that she has inside her. Jeanne has helped me mostly with the anxiety that I feel on a daily basis. It has taken over my life. The last session I had with her I had zero anxiety afterwards and almost a week later, my anxiety is not there. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and my chest. I can not thank her enough! She has taught me different ways of looking at things and opening my eyes to see how many of my life situations are connected that I didn't even realize that they were. Jeanne is so amazing at what she does. I am so happy that I made the decision to meet with her. One of the best decisions I have made in my life!" Thanks so much for all of your help Jeanne! Such a great feeling and I forgot what it felt like to not have my life be run by anxiety. Love it! Hope to see you again soon!~Melissa

A session with Jeanne is amazing. The environment she creates is relaxing and calming and there is no judgment of who you are, where you come from, what your thoughts are, how you feel - It is all okay. During a session, I feel super relaxed and sometimes I don’t feel my body as being a part of me; meaning, I become this one whole mass of Being who exists. I feel energies Jeanne is moving around, guiding them, purifying that Being.  Sometimes things/stuff like, feelings, emotions, thoughts, “pictures”, etc. can come up, even all the way from childhood (like watching a movie). At the end, I feel very light, like a feather, happy, relieved, calm, tuned in with myself, my soul, my Being. One has to experience the session as each of us feel it in different ways. It’s magic, it works, and I love magic!" –Jade

I keep going back to Jeanne because I'm learning so much from our times together.  I want to continue to grow and evolve with the knowledge and insight that I gain from our meetings.  I feel healthier, happier, more creative, open and honest after meeting with her.