I’m looking forward to being with you. To prepare yourself please take some time to think about the questions below, exploring deeper into yourself what you would love to experience in life and our session.

My suggestion is to take some time for yourself to visit your favorite places in person or in your mind, relax, turn off your phone, breathe deeply, sip some tea, meditate and journal your answers. Have fun doing what you love to ignite your power.

Please send me a text or email with the answer to the highlighted question below prior to our session together. The preparation questions are designed to help you get in touch with what matters most to you. Each day we evolve, so it’s great to ask yourself these simple questions to check in to what you are wanting. I only need the answer to your Power Statement below. If you would like to share any additional answers with me please email them to me. I keep all information confidential that is shared between us.

Journal Questions:

1.If I could do anything today, what would it be?

2. What do I love to do?

3. Who are my favorite friends? Why? Who do I enjoy being around?

4. What do I feel when I am with her/him?

5. What brings this out of me?

6. What made me cry in happy way and sad way? List each.

7. If I died yesterday, I wish I would have done ________ in my life. Why?

8. Does that really matter to me? Why?

9. Should I focus on doing this? Why?

10. What’s missing from my life?

11. Where am I blocked?

Power Statement:

The area I want to work on is ____________ because I feel blocked in _______________________. I choose to have more ___________________ in my life now.