Waking Up from a Coma

"He's on life support & the doctors want us to pull the plug, they say there have been no vitals for days & there is no hope, what should we do?" Receiving this emergency call about a man in a coma I connected with him in meditation. "He has not crossed over & wants to live." I shared & began doing long distance intuitive energetic healing on him. His body revealed to me that he had toxins in his brain & heart which I began clearing energetically. He also needed a combination of emotional balancing to release internal challenges. Next day "He shook his head & wiggled his toes!" "The breathing tubes are coming out & he is talking now!" "The neurologist said this is a miraculous recovery!" "Today he is talking, trying to stand up & recalling memories." So exciting! A year later I was introduced to him at a party and I was excited to see that he was living a happy life with his family. Energy healing is so fascinating to me. It takes trust to explore the invisible and listen to the guidance given. It can be very miraculous in the results that happen. I believe it is a combination of all the life supporting efforts that the doctors made, (but they wanted to pull the plug when his body didn't respond for days), along with the energetic healing that cleared toxins and balanced his body that he woke up the next day after completing. What happens in the energy field effects the physical body.