I have been coaching several people lately who are at a crossroads & wanting to make a decision. When you have weighed the pro's & con's but your mind keeps switching back & forth to exhaustion, I think it is important to stop trying to decide. It's like chocolate or vanilla? This or that? Right or Wrong? Sometimes it doesn't really matter, both are good choices, just different.

What I notice is that the subconscious patterns come up of wanting to make the right choice. Not wanting to hurt someone's feelings. Feeling guilty. Selfish. Not knowing what to do. It can be difficult because internally you are afraid of making the wrong choice & being punished or to Fail.

It is so much pressure to make the right choice when you are considering everyone's feelings & trying to be perfect. Instead you need to realize the pro's/con's. If you don't have clarity then take some time to relax, stop thinking about it. Stop talking to your friends about it. Stop trying to please everyone.

Back forth, either or is how the logical mind gets hung up. Sometimes I like to give myself a 3rd option which often rattles the mind to have instant clarity of what I do want. Taking time to rest, get grounded, present, realize you don't have to make a decision that moment, giving yourself space to breathe & not being forced to know can relieve the pressure.

Bring the focus back onto yourself instead of revolving around your fears of pleasing others. If possible give yourself permission to be selfish. To explore what you really want. If that is too difficult, then feel what you are passionate about? Is it either of these choices? What is it that you are most excited or curious about?

Clarity can often be found when you stop trying, when you find the peace, when you let go of the pressure of deciding. Play, laugh, swim, dance, find the relaxation of being, open to possibilities vs. in the contraction of having to figure it out logically. Often the answers will reveal when you relax & trust your intuition to express itself.