I used to be better than I am now: Stair step of consciousness

"It used to come so easily to me," a client shared with me about his consciousness. "I used to be," is something many of us do. This comparison to how we were to how we are now creates tension; somehow believing we were better then than now.  What I see is that it is a journey. Often consciousness comes easily, then we need to consciously apply the tools we knew before to awaken thru the darkness that comes. You may be a peaceful person in a quiet environment, but can you maintain your peace when someone is screaming at you? When you are in pain? When things don't go your way?  The stair steps of consciousness: is when we reach a point where we feel incredible then something happens. We think that we lost it & fell back to the beginning. Actually you just dropped 1/4 inch, but it feels the same as 1000 steps backwards. We must now work thru that which kept us from holding the high point. As it clears we elevate to new heights, until something comes that drops us down to work on again.  You are better than you used to be, even if it doesn't feel that way. Now you are more conscious with less baggage stored within you. So don't look back, appreciate who you are right now, exactly as you are.