Like an octopus juggling 30 balls, her energy was going out in many directions. She had drained herself so much that the illness wouldn’t leave her body even after taking antibiotics, herbs & chiropractic for weeks. She called me for a phone healing & what her body showed me I thought could benefit you too.

Have you ever felt “drained?” This is a common saying when people get sick or tired. You could be depleting your energy? Truth is what happens in your energy field affects your physical body. Most people think it’s the other way around. As your energy gets depleted or blocked, your vitality & health can decrease. So how can you have more?

Like most people it is difficult handling our numerous life responsibilities. She is a very loving, giving person. Her energy was going out in many directions; pulling & draining her. As an example, although not entirely true; her body only had a specific amount of energy. Of that, she may have given 90% away keeping only 10% for herself. This was plenty because she didn’t need much she believed at some level. Problem is her body was getting sick because she was too over extended giving out where it really wasn't needed & not being fully replenished. As we drain our internal battery, it becomes more challenging to refill it.

Now since her characteristics of giving, juggling, etc. probably wouldn't change immediately, her body showed me that we needed to increase her in pouring energy from the soul level. It's like she had a drip in a faucet, that we needed to awaken into a raging waterfall.

Opening this channel from the soul to the crown was like breaking thru a mountain, clearing away the debris in the way. Practice: To help you increase your energy level explore this in your meditation too. Center on yourself. Notice if your energy feels scattered or pulled in various directions. It may be difficult to cut the cords or pull your energy back, so instead try putting down all the pieces.

Then imagine connecting to energy 3 feet above your head. Like there is a funnel coming from the crown of your head, going upwards to touch your soul. This is the antahkarana; a bridge of energy between your soul & head. As we focus on this thru meditation, we increase the connection.

Notice how much light flows with ease down this channel. Is there something blocking it? A heaviness? A darkness? Imagine hammering it, breaking it up. Allowing more energy to flow thru the channel into your body.

It helps to have someone who can see this energy assist you in the process of awakening; raising the vibrational frequency allowing the transformation to take place. Keep exploring this each day, developing & clearing this channel. You may notice that the trickle of water (energy) becomes a river, then a waterfall filling you with life force energy. You deserve to be filled with this radiance & vitality which will rinse away the lower vibrational energies of illness…which is what we did together.

Author: Jeanne Marie Barnes

Photo: Alex Grey