Family Healing: 3 Generations

I had the opportunity to help 12 people in a family, 3 generations to heal & strengthen their love together. What an extraordinary gift it is to be a part of their transformation.

I was curious what the Universe had planned in bringing everyone together so synchronistically. Often with energy healing when one person (especially a mother, father or grand parent) heals their emotional trauma, pain, or disease it has a ripple effect that can be felt or improved in the children.This family had chosen to consciously make a shift in their lives for the better.

I loved hearing everyone's stories, perspectives & beliefs where they mirrored or enhanced each other. I'm different than a counselor in that I am working with evolving the subconscious programs energetically in the nervous system where the trauma was created more than discussing it logically. We can get caught up in our story; feeling hurt, believing we are right, thinking certain perspectives that can block love. When you balance the energetic subconscious stimulus that is affecting you, your mind/body gets stronger. Rather than repeating the broken record you awaken to new possibilities. You can begin taking personal responsibility for what you want rather than repeating the past. You move beyond victimization to empowerment.

I saw such amazing transformation, emotional release & healing. "I'm going to put you on speed dial!" one woman shared smiling brightly.