Energy Healing: Childhood Trauma & Chronic Illness Link

Now science is showing the link between childhood trauma & chronic illness. I have definitely seen the connection after helping people overcome chronic pain, illness & emotional challenges the past 14 years.

Often their body gets stuck in fight flight when the confusion, abuse or trauma occurs; which can lead to fatigue or emotional challenges. Sometimes their energy escapes their body as they are trying to get away & not be touched/affected; but then they can feel numb to life & eventually the body can begin to deteriorate into pain & disease.

Since these issues are often occurring in the subconscious, you may logically believe you have overcome your past traumas after therapy, but they may still be triggering behavior or illness inside you. For example, I was helping a yoga teacher who believed she was so Zen, but I noticed she seemed very scattered & disconnected when she arrived. During our Power Healing session intuitively I saw flames shooting off her neck as though it was short circuiting. I asked if she had ever been in a car accident. "No." I persist, trusting the guidance her body was revealing. "Are you sure you haven't had a car accident, whiplash or some neck injury?" Moments later as her body began to heal the trauma & reestablish contact, her mind remembered...."Well a car did drive thru my home, run me over & I woke up under the wheel....but it didn't effect me." she shares. So for 6 years her body had been stuck in fight flight & was burning out her adrenals & causing a disconnect between mind/body. Logically she believed she was Zen, unaffected, but internally was leading to possible burnout & illness for her.

I have found the combination of balancing the nervous system, intuitively listening to the body/energy field to determine where the cause issues of the challenges are originating from & healing these emotional/energetic blocks can make a significant improvement in the wellbeing of the person. If you would like help exploring your childhood traumas, illness or life challenges to improve your health & happiness please contact Jeanne Marie Barnes for a personal consultation.