Energetic Bonds

Woman as a leader in relationship

Do you keep attracting the same types of men? Do you keep repeating similar patterns in relationship? Is there someone you keep thinking or fantasizing about or can't let go of? You may have an energetic pattern or bond inside you. If you would like to move forward explore this.

When we love an energetic bond can be created with another person. During sex women bring the man into her body, open her heart & emotions. Often with orgasm & ejaculation the energetic & emotional bond increases between them. Think about all the lovers you have connected with emotionally, physically or sexually over your lifetime. You may have made the choice to separate, but the energetic signature that the man leaves could still be inside you.

Broken hearted, loneliness, yearning, obsession & craziness are some of the empty feelings women feel. They have trouble letting go. When there was heightened orgasmic pleasure or love it may be a more difficult connection to overcome.

Like attracts like. So imagine the imprint left inside your vagina could be like an energetic sonar wave radiating outwards to other possible suitors. If you are feeling lonely, invisible, unattractive...it may be sending out the message that you are already taken. A man is already inside, connected with you...even if it has been years since you have been together. Additionally, you may be sending out signals of past heartbreak, trust issues, jealousy, etc that can attract repeat performances of previous challenges.

This is not logical, it's energetic & emotional. 90% of our body is run by subconscious programs, only 10% is what you think logically. If you want to move forward, attracting healthy, loving, pleasurable experiences it's important to cleanse your body of these energetic patterns. Practice: You can think of cleansing your energy, cut the cords, pull your energy back to you & push old relationships out of your body making room for something new. It helps to have support to determine which connections are most affecting your life negatively, as often we have blind spots to seeing our own patterns in love. You may feel loneliness & separation come up after cleansing, but it is well worth it as you realize the freedom & serenity that reveals as you are no longer attached energetically to the people from your past. If you would like help with healing these inside you please contact Jeanne Marie Barnes for a personal consultation.