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I love surrounding myself with amazing people that inspire me to be my best. As a personal development coach and entrepreneur I am constantly learning for my growth and helping others to succeed. 
This morning @AmyPorterfield introduced me to @msrachelhollis in our BSchool facebook group. I love both of them, their wisdom and heartfelt desire to help people. They also have multi-million dollar inspirational businesses that I am curious to learn about developing from the details in the back end of business. 
I'm watching Rachel Hollis Made for More on Amazon. It's a perfect combination of seeing her vision of developing community, sharing life and business ideas while inspiring you to be yourself. I definitely suggest you check it out.

Rachel shares “This is a community of women who believe in doing life with people who are not like us. We think it makes us better women to be with people who think, act, vote, have different religions & lifestyles than we do.” I completely agree. 

One of the areas I see women get stuck is in comparing themselves, competing & feeling insecure rather than seeing all the incredible variety & perspectives we have. When we can honor that then there is abundance not scarcity. When we can be with others who know this then we grow together instead of suppress. 

Thank you Amy and Rachel for continuing to have "motivation" to create your dreams and guide us along the way to realize ours. Much love to you both. 😘 #personaldevelopment#rachelhollis #amyporterfield #entrepreneur#entrepreneurship #jeannemariebarnes#bschool #rise